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Lab Data Concepts was founded on the hope and need to make an impact on the development of medicines that impact the quality of life for us all. We are extremely proud to work in an industry that is providing a longer and better life to the people that we know, love and hope to meet. A medicine is nothing without the data to prove its worth and we take seriously our effort to do that efficiently and responsibly.  We aspire to play a role in improving and maybe saving lives in the process.


LDC also strives to change how work is done. In a world where everything can be accessed on demand we don’t feel like clinical trial data management services should be different.  We want to provide that type of resource to our customers and flexibility to our staff.  We don’t want our clients to be paying for time spent idle any more than we want to have staff sitting idle when they could be spending time with family or friends.



Research Triangle Park, NC